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  • Advice building first/new system

    I am looking to build my first CarPC system and would appreciate any help in spec'ing my first system. The CarPC is going to replace my current Alpine dvd/navigation flip out and would like to keep the basic functions (mp3/navigation/dvd/sirius/radio) as a part of the CarPC. Any other utlities I should not be without in a CarPC?

    My budget for the project will be 1500.00 +/- a screen, and would like to be able to mount the unit under the front seats or in the glovebox of a bmw.

    Thanks for the time and help.

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    $1500 +/- a screen???? Hell you can do it with screen all brand new for that much...... check out the faqs and the store here and Search is your best friend.... welcome to the club..


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      Start reading:
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Thanks for the reply's. I've torn through the faq/n3wb sections but still am questioning reliability. I live here in Arizona and dont know what hardware is going to be most reliable/suitable.

        I was thinking of going with the ZoomPC case or with the AOpen unit. Which, if either of those would be the most solid starting point for a solid system?



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          you need to decide if you're going to go big system or small system (ATX/mATX/mini-ITX/laptop?). after that dicission is made, I would concentrate on the insides, not really the case.


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            I like the size factor of the mini-atx cases (zoomPc, Aopen,etc..).
            I would like the functions of my current deck with the CarPc, and wanted recommendations on a solid system which others have had experience with.