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  • shutdown on startup

    hey everyone, i tried searching for this, but to be honest i didnt really know what to search for...

    i have been running a carputer for a few weeks now, and it was running great... then i decided to format my drive because the previous owner of the carPC left alot of crap that i didnt want on there...

    so i formatted and its all back up and running now and i have one problem i just cant work out:

    when i put the keys in and turn the car on, the accessory power activates my PSU (m2-atx), which in turn activates my motherboard (EPIA M10000).. you all know the story..
    the startup gets about 20 seconds through, just past the windowsXP loading screen (where the 3 squares move across that bar) and then all of a sudden turns off. thing is, i get the winXP shutdown tune when it happens, even though i never told it to shutdown and xp hasnt loaded properly...

    if i reach under my passenger seat and actually press the power button on the PC, it boots up perfectly...

    someone help me out please!! its been working great until now and whilst i can still use the computer, its very inconvenient... am i overloading something? are some settings on XP not configured properly?

    i've been using centrafuse btw, so maybe centrafuse is telling it to shutdown or something.. i dunno...

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    there must be an answer to this...