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    When I download centrafuse, everything works ok. I cannot figure out how to change skins. I know where to change them (setting), I just dont know where to download the files to, and how to open them. Will someone please help me? Also, is there anyway to make centrafuse cover the entire screen, instead of just part of it?

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    Skins go in C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\skins, each into it's own sub-folder.

    e.g. C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\skins\Onyx WS

    Winrar or Winzip should open the .zip or .rar files that contain the skins.

    I assume you're testing this on your desktop, that's why it's only covering a portion of the screen. In Centrafuse there should be a fullscreen option.

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