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    While my Pug 106 is off the road for a few months i thought I would get down to making a Carputer.
    Now I have a single DIN space and a small glovebox but here is my plan,

    The PC will be placed under the pasanger seat and all cables routed under the flooring,
    The single DIN on my dash will be taken up by a Headunit supplying the sound,

    Next comes to the monter,
    I want to place it in a possision that i can vew the screen,
    So the only option I have is to mount it ontop of the dashboard,
    I know many screens come with dash mounts but I need somting a little more complex becasue for security reasions i need the screen to be removable so I can stash it in my glovebox when I am not in the car.

    Is there any screens out there that have a removable cradle that I can remove the screen easly,
    Also has any one done a simular project to there install before if so I would love to see photos,


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    how about you give us photos, so we can see what you want, and how you can do it
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      Here is what I have to play with:

      I dont have as much to play with as you lucky guys with two Din spaces,
      But here is what I want to achive:
      I overall want sound equal to a mid-range headunit.
      So to achive this I was going to install a headunit with audio in then run the audio out from the carpc to the headunit,

      Then install the screen above the headunit on the dash,
      I have around $1200 to spend,
      I have a few spare pc's to take parts from plus I have novice experance with mdf and fiberglass.

      any input weclome.


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        your problem is very common. the following are a few solutions that other people have done:
        - re-fab the console and move the air vents
        - get a single din touch screen and an amp
        - cut into your dash and make a custom pop-up screen that hides when not in use
        - some (maybe all) screens come with a mount that you can glue to your dash and just unscrew the screen

        i would recommend the din pop-out touch screen and an amp. i have to think it will be a pain in the neck to pull out 2 wires and unscrew the monitor every time you park.

        just my thoughts. good luck


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          all the screen with mounts are removable
          or as said a single din screen like this


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            if your going to get a 1 din pop out screen you would have to think weather or not you want it as your radio or not. some people keep the radio, some of use go without a HU. for the most part the reception out of a car stereo is better.

            as far as the touchscreen its possible to mount one on your dash, then a thumbscrew will let you take it out. all the av cables on my lilliput go from the vide etc to one plug on the monitor. then you have the power cable. you should have no problem taking it down from the dash in a matter of a minute if thats the route you choose to go. personally, id go with the retractable screen in a 1 din setup.

            good luck.
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              I know im coming to this a bit late, but i had the same car and you can fit a small screen (ie headrest size) down where the ashtray is. I actually screwed the bracket for the screen into the open ashtray, this gives a suitable angle.Also then easy to hide the work, if you ever sell on the car without mods.