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new to this bought first car pc someone local to help?

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  • new to this bought first car pc someone local to help?

    well I stumbled across this website while net surfing and got hooked I read about a thousand posts on here and some links to noob sites. I bought a pc for my car and would like help and advise on what to do from here. the comp I bought a AOPEN Pandora Duo Mini PC specs are as follows:

    DVD-ROM / DVD-RW super drive
    6.5 in X 6.5 in X 2 inches
    CPU: Intel Core Duo 1.66Ghz - 2.0Ghz
    RAM: 533/667Mhz DDR2, 1X stick, 512MB or 1GB
    Hard drive: serial ATA 2.5" up to 100GB
    GIGABIT Ethernet 10/100/1000 bt
    Unlimited expansion with USB2 & firewire
    5.1 audio output, microphone input, internal speaker
    2X USB, 1X firewire
    backward compatible with USB 1.0 / 1.1
    internal expansion slot for 802.11 b/g network card
    DVI (VGA compatible) video out, HDTV out
    S-video (composite compatible) TV output
    high performance / low heat / low power requirement
    I'll have to install my own OS
    Nero CD Burning software CD and Drivers CD included

    As far as the operating system I was thinking of going with Microsoft XP pro or XP MCE or something like that

    I will be putting this all into my 2006 black Ford Mustang.

    I also saw a pic of an install that a 7" monitor fit nicely into the dash where the radio is.
    I also need a CPU and RAM for this comp so what I am asking is advice like what components to install on or in it. and what all components I need still.
    I plan on running. DVD GPS Voice TV/SAT cell phone(verizon WI/FI) rear camera and any other cool tricks I can think of like OBD and security system(Viper installed now 791xv)
    I would also like to find someone near me to help me out with the programing and troubleshooting of the OS and would be willing to pay for the time.

    But right now i need to know what else to buy. besides the OS,Minipc,and the 7" monitor lilliput or xenarc.

    please help as I know after this gets rolling and I learn more I will be a help more than a hinderance to this forun.

    Oh as for someone being close to me to help I live in upper western illinois but im in chicago alot

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    If you look around these forums and the internet there is lots of infomation that can really help you out
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      yeah I have been doing alot of searching but everyone says there system is the best so I thought I would throw this out there for you guys and see what is said about those who are actually using the products. heck took me 4 hours to decide on which comp to get and I still dont know if it is a good comp or not lol


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        i beleive theres a chicago meet once a month. you should be able to talk to people in person and get some more ideas.

        as far as what to buy. you should list exactly everything you want your pc to do. otherwise i dont know if you have everything you need lol.
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          cameras, GPS, HUD, OBD-II integration, sound card, am/fm/Sirrus, Sat tv, dvd/cd/mp3 internet, is what all I would like to do with it but not limited to. maybe the xbox 360 I have or an emulater.


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            Heya onefast,

            Already your system should be fast enough to run videos (hd) and play games well. Believe me, I have a M10000. It runs great and surely would get beat into submission by any Intel Core Duo.

            The majority of your project will be your install. Definetely install the OS and other software before putting it in your Mustang (GT?/COBRA????).

            If your not big on codecs and dont know what is what, install zplayer and run the options/setup > Formats dialogs. That will tell you what you are missing. The right codecs will make everything run well.

            Good luck!
            Scion tC 2005 with DWW-700H
            Via Eden M10000, 512MB, 100GB 5400rpm, Xp Pro


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              as for codecs, why don't you try CCCP? just type 'cccp codec' in google and it should come right up. it has every codec out there minus quicktime. for quicktime, i just use 'quicktime alternative'.. (also in google)

              find out how you're gonna connect all these things and where you're gonna put them. also, you should buy all the fuses, wires, etc. for the install.

              for me, i have windows xp pro with the nlite. runs pretty fast but, i'd like it faster. i'll be running the roadrunner as my shell to up the speed.


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                I dont think your gonna be able to use your pc for xbox 360 or satellite tv. I could be wrong, but the best a pc can do for emulation is a few ps2 and gamecube games, and even then the frame rate sucks, and there are a ton of glitches. An xbox 360 itself would probably be pretty weird to mount, considering its kinda big and awkward in addition taking up a crapload of power.For Sattelite tv, you wont be able to run it through your comp, youd have to send it directly to the screen, which is kind of a hassle, and a reciever for the top of your car is going to run in the $2300 range, + $45 a month. Not cheap. Plus it will look really dumb on top of a Mustang, even though it is only 6" tall.