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Connecting Ign to cigarette plug?

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  • Connecting Ign to cigarette plug?

    Sorry noob question thats probably been asked before, I read the faq, but am unsure if I can just wire the White Ign wire (m1-atx) into the 12v of cigarette plug (the wire connecting to the plug).

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    Also, I've read around that you need 8 gauge wires going from the battery to your psu? I have an (m1-atx) and it uses an 18 gauge wire so i decided to get some 18 gauges, should i invest in thicker wires or is this fine? I am not running anything else on this wire, just directly connected to the PSU, the length should be less than 8 ft (from battery to glove compartment. Sorry about the noob questions, hope someone could help me out.


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      i would run 14 gauge to be on the safe side. 18 may be a little to thin depending on how much you are planning to load on the M1. I have 14 gauge on mine and Im running my external dvd drive, my Xenarc, all the internal stuff like the Hard drive, an XM reciever and the various USB devices.

      Also, I would not recommend using the cigarette plug for the ignition wire. I would splice into your existing head unite's ignition line.
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