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simple front end for dvd, mp3 and video capture

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  • simple front end for dvd, mp3 and video capture

    fantastic projects on this site. i built a carputer last year before i knew about this site and started down the htpc route of girder/zoomplayer/dscaler/etc. needless to say it is not foolproof enough for a car. i have a epia pc with a touchscreen, a couple 15" displays and irman. i would like a simple all in one interface for my kids to be able to use in the minivan. i really just want dvd, mp3 and it would be nice if it had the ability to use a capture card to let us plug in a game console. i really don't need nav, telephone, etc. i just want to never have a phone call from the wife that it is in a weird state.

    any software recommendation? Meedio looked great but as of a few weeks ago you can't buy it and the new yahoo version looks unable to take input from my irman.

    thanks for any recommendations.


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    Look around. There's four that are popular right now, not to mention free:
    Mobile Impact
    Road Runenr

    There's also StreetDeck, but that's brand new and is commercial. Centrafuse is in a free beta right now, but the author plans on going commercial with it.

    There are other frontends out there, as well. Look here:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thanks for the quick reply. i have been looking at the list for a few weeks now and downloaded roadrunner because i saw it was vb (which i know how to write) but it looks like it has a lot of moving parts and i have not found documentation on how to customize it. i am starting to think it is overkill since i will not have gps, phone, etc. it also appears to shell out other apps which makes me wonder if i will get into weird states.

      i will check out centrafuse and the others.