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How I can find my ignition for kia 2002 spectra ?

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  • How I can find my ignition for kia 2002 spectra ?

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I really need help to find my ignition, my car is kia 2002 spectra, I really need to find my ignition, because I need to connect the remote from the amp to it, and the amplifier only turn on once I start the car. am I right ? and for the power supply M2-ATX, do I need to connect any wire to ignition, so once I start the car the my power supply will turn on. Thank You.

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    Talk to a local car stereo shop (unless someone on here chimes in), they will tell you which wire to tap on the radio wiring haness.
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      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        If you don't have a multimeter yet, BUY ONE NOW.
        Is the cigarete lighter only hot when the key is in the ignition and turn to 1 and 2 click? If you said yes, there is the ignition wire.
        If you said No, take the radio out. On the wire harness on the back, there SHOULD be 1 wire that is HOT only when the key is turn to 1 and 2 click. Make sure you turn off the radio.
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          according to this diagram, your ignition is the grn cable from ur wiring harness