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  • Amp(S) question

    Im getting ready to buy my amps. Im getting a 4 channel for interior speakers and a 2 channel/mono block for the sub. I know how to hook up the laptop to 1 amp but how do you hook it up to 2 amps so that I just get bass out of one and mids/highs out of the other?

    Or last resort, get a 5 channel amp (which i dont really want to do)

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    Configure the PC to output 5.1 sound (assuming your setup has that capability) and run the sub channel to the corresponding amplifier.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      i doubt that it does have that capability. let me check but it does have a ultra bay and port replicator so i have 2 areas to source sound from. I might just use that


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        Ok i changed it to 5.1 it even has 7.1 this is in the speaker menu in the control panel under sounds. Now what do i have to do