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Using PC with car off?

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  • Using PC with car off?

    I tried searching but couldnt find any thing (guess I am not searching for the right things?)
    But Say the carputer is running at 150w, how long (roughly) would it take to kill an Optima red top battery with using the carputer and speakers?

    Would it run for atleast an hour?


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    At full charge ya mabye an hour depending on the current draw of the system but the optima red top is a starting batt and if you fully discharge it "DEEPCYCLE" it you will ruine the batt and it wont recharge to its full potentle Get a optima yellow top it is made to be discharged many times.


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      depends if you have amps, how many, how powerful, how loud, etc...
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        there was this thing made that automatically disconnected the battery when there was enough juice for one start remaining. Consider getting that or a second battery. I mean, you'r goingto have more than the computer on,, right? See, this is why i went laptop...
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          Originally posted by VPrime

          Would it run for atleast an hour?
          I'm not one to put much into the calculations. I tested my system out, using an inverter to see just exactly how long it would run my carputer, before the battery was too low to crank the engine over.

          In my little car, with a new Walmart $40 battery - I was able to run my 2.4 GHz Pentium (full size HD, Full size CD rom) for between 3 and 4 hours, with the car engine off. After that time, the battery was too weak to turn over the engine. All I needed was one of those battery booster packs to get the engine to turn over.

          Funny thing is - that's about as long (or longer) than a laptop would last. And that's just with my cheap Walmart car battery and an power inverter. With this setup, I also didn't have a problem starting my car with the carpc already running. Larger V8 or even v6 engines might draw more power upon startup, causing issues - but my little 4 banger had no problems.

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            ah okay thanks guys. Right now i dont have any amps or stero equipent.. and dont plan to (to heavy) but that could change.
            I may upgrade to a Yellow top though. as for second battery I dont think i will need that just yet
            And snyperbob thanks for that bit of info.. I also got a 4cyl. engine so it should be fine for a few hours.

            I plan to keep an actual deck in the car as well so if i ever need t park long times with music ill just use thata nd power down the pc.