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    I am trying to figure out if this will work since I already have everything else pretty much figured out.

    PC is connected to the usb sound card (philips aurilium).
    The usb sound card is connected to the headunit.
    The headunit is connected to two amps and the rear speakers.
    One amp powers a sub
    The other amp powers the front component speakers.
    The headunit powers the rear speakers.

    Will this work and if so, what kind of headunit do I need? Do I only need 1 aux input and 2 outputs?

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    bump for some help


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      If you're using the pre-amp outs from the headunit, I don't believe the speaker outs will work and vice-versa.
      I'm pretty certain you're limited to one or the other.

      The easy solution is to have the pre-amp outs go to a four-channel amp for the fronts & rears and the other amp for the subwoofer(s).
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        You can use the speaker outputs and the preamp outputs simultaneously from the head unit.


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          yeah you can use both... i actually have mine set the same... cept no pc yet... workin on that one lol... you might want to get a radio with 3 outputs front/rear/sub just in case you decide to amp your rears later


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            Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.