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Power Wiring Issue & General Wiring Question

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  • Power Wiring Issue & General Wiring Question

    I just picked up a Morex 2699 and it comes with the Morex 80W Power supply. The question i have is, it goes to a plug where the AC-DC adapter is- there is only two wires, a black wire and a white wire. From past experience, the black wire should be the ground and the white is 12V power - is this right or should both of them be power. I cant imagine it only having one power wire,and i cant find the manual anywhere on the internet. Will i need any inline fuses to run the power line to the main battery, or should i tap into an existing power line?

    My other question is a general wiring question regarding wiring the monitor,i got a Ebay SP-716 motorized. Should i power it through the motherboard, through a connector plug???
    Thanks in advance guys.I love this forum.