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  • Wiring for 700H

    Hello all, I purchased one of the ebay versions of the 700H display and had a question about wiring. I am currently testing my setup with an ATX power supply running my sp13000, and I have attached the monitor's main power wires to 12v DC from one of the hard drive power connectors. The two other wires are ACC and another ground, presumably for the ignition. Does any one have any recommendations on how to wire this so i can test it, i have installed the touchit drivers, and the power button on the device glows red. That's as far as i got. Also, could supplying it 5v from the molex connector instead of 12v damage it? Your help is appreciated, thanks.
    Also, please move this to LCD/Display if appropriate.

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    ok, figured it out, connect the +12v and "ACC" blue wire to 12v DC, and the other two to ground. only two wires on the molex connector are used. It takes a few seconds for the screen to turn on.


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      Kinda random note but may be useful if you use the atx supply for testing...

      Long story short... PSU supplies are cheaply designed and you wont get 12V on the 12V rail unless there is a load on the 5V rail.

      I connected 2 10Watt 1ohm power resistors in series to 5V. They get super hot but I now get like 12.2V out of the 12V rail instead of like 11.8V.
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