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noob question about wiring

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  • noob question about wiring

    ok so my carputer build if finally getting somewere, i just got a couple of small details to bang out.

    im going to run 8 gauge wire from battery to amp and psu, the question is what is the best and safest way to connect the 8 gauge wire to the opus psu's smaller gauge power wire. is this safe or should i look into the psu's with the screw terminals?

    p.s. i will run a 8 gauge fused wire from battery with a distro block and power my amp and carcupter.

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    i would sugjest two wires, one for your amp and one for the carputer, amps draw a lot of current ( even if its 500 wrms ) and it might take it away from and carputer ps, either run two wires, or get a 4G wire and then a disty block,

    how powerful is your amp


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      1000watt peak


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        560w Rms


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          im probelly going to run 4 gauge gauge to battery to distro block then 4 gauge to amp and what gauge would the car pc take ? 12? 10? and how would i hook that up to the opus psu cause the opus has leads coming out of the connector?


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            How far will the distro block be from the computer? If they are in the same location, run the power wire direct to the distro block. The opus wires can probably be extended slightly with the same guage wire, but if you are extending them any sizeable length I would use 12 or better gauge.

            If the wires are bare leads, you can simply solder them together and heatshrink/tape them up, or buy some sort of crimp connector or terminal for them. so they are easy to remove.