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    Hi, Though I registered only days back, I've been a regular visitor in this site since long time. Now About me, I'm a Doctor from India. I have always had a thing for car audio. My current set up is on my personnel ride- Mahindra Armada Grand. To those unfamiliar to Indian Auto scenario, Its nothing but a Jeep with a hard body, 4 doors+ 1 . My system consists of a Pioneer HU, feeding 2 nos Pioneer equilisers, from EQ1, a 4 channel amp drives 4 nos 6X9s and 2 tweets.Sub out from EQ1 to a 4 channel amp, bridged to 2 channels feeding 2 subs(12") in Band Pass enclosure. The EQ2 powers another 4 channel amp which is again bridged into 2 channels feeding 2 nos 12" in bass reflex enclosures. I have 4 speakers powered from the HU in the front door pads.Also has a 12 cd changer(mp3+VCD), and a 8" widescreen for video playback. This was the setup I've been having since last 2 yrs. Now the vehicle is undergoing a major makeover. So I wanted to put in a carputer. Even every necessary things are available at your side, the tough part is, none of those goodies are available here in India.
    My first search was for invertor made specifically for this process. Thats taken care of. A huge variety of monitors are available there at ur side, but here not much choice. So I went for a 14" TFT monitor( Its meant for a desktop). The only major decission to make was, how to connect the audio from PC to my EQs and Amps. Since its for music, I have arrived at a conclusion. 2 front channels shall be fed to HU via AUX IN. and the rear channels will be connected directly to a new amp and to new 4 speakers.(This will be exclusively for the surround effect/also for filling in the mid and highs in the front.) Center channel will be fed to a mono amp to feed a centrally mounted center channel speaker which will be pumping out only the vocals.
    Can anyone streamline this set up, or can anyone tell me the Pros and Cons in this setup? Also do tell me how I can do this in a better way? I want the HU involved bcoz the line out from PC, I believe, can never be compared to the Line out from HU in terms of quality, etc etc. Coz I was very happy with the old config.Also remember one thing, The set up is major for music.


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    If your getting the carPC install just for the added music storage, I personally say don't. Its not worth the hassle if you just want to add several gigs worth a storage space when you can easily add an ipod or something similar. But if you really want to go for the full carPC setup, bypass and get rid of the cd stereo all together and get a line booster similiar to THIS if your worried about line output voltage. Theres ones with higher voltage and different prices. Just search for line boosters on google, froogle, and ebay.

    EDIT: I just noticed, your in the wrong forum. You should probaly post questions like this in either the newcomer or audio forums. Mods will probaly move this to the appropriate area.
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