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  • Advice on Carputer Setup

    Hi All
    I am new to this game so I am looking for some advice on the setup I wanna use.

    HP EVectra 866Mhz 256m ram 20gig HDD
    7" TFT LCD Screen (Not TouchScreen)
    VGA-RCA converter
    12V-240Vac Inverter
    RoadRunner front End software with the Simplistique skin (It Rocks)

    But I would Like Some Advice on the power supply. I know The vectra runs on 20v or somthing like that so I don't know if an inverter is over kill or what.
    I think I will mount it all in one of those plastic battery boxes (with a fan for ventilation) and so you don't get WANKERS smashing the windows out to get at it.

    So What do you think?


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    I think you are going to hate yourself if you don't get a touchscreen. Cmon man, don't be cheap and spend the extra $60...
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      But I already have the screen. I got it form a bloke that couldn't get it to work (he didn't know hot to change the mode on it)


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        You are going to have to bite the bullet and get a different screen. If you are using a VGA-RCA converter then I take it your screen is not VGA. And if your screen is not VGA it won't have enough resolution to run as a computer monitor. Smaller writing will be illegible and nothing will look sharp and crisp. So, since you need a new monitor anyway, get a touch screen. I can't imagine doing even the simplest functions while driving without a touchscreen. Your attention would be drawn from the road too long.

        The only other problem that I see with your setup is that you might outgrow it fairly quickly. A 20gig hard drive will fill up pretty fast once you put the programs you need on it and your music. And I don't see much power or space to upgrade later. I may be wrong, but your setup probably won't be much good beyond playing music.
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          yea deffinitly get the touch screen, do you really want to be fumbling around with a mouse while your driving? and if you got manual lol that would be funny


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            For the power issue, an inverter will work fine. If you all ready have one, you can test it with the inverter and use what you have until you see a reason to choose a more sophisticated route. If the Evectra runs on 20V power, similar to a laptop, you can buy a power supply that puts out 20V such as this one, or even try to find a laptop car power supply on ebay that has similar specifications as the supply that came with the PC. (the output Voltage should be as close to the same as possible, and the output Amperage needs to be equal or higher.

            For the screen, not having touchscreen is a challenge but is surpassable. Not being VGA resolution also poses a pretty big problem. BUT there is no reason you need to rush into anything. Since you all ready HAVE the monitor, see about connecting it to your home PC and playing with it through there. Whether or not it will work for what you want is completely up to you.


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              yeah I might try that the sarvo


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                well I hooked it up to the RCA output on my home computer and I can only seem to get a black and white picture I am not sure if this is because of the settings on my computer or the monitor it's self

                dose anyone know how to change the settings?


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                  Poke around in your video settings for the TV output. Change to different PAL settings.


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                    OK so if I have to (should) get a touch screen VGA monitor what do you guys and girls recommend? and do you think a vectra is a good computer for a carputer or is there anything better?

                    thanks for your posts