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finding connectors for 10 gauge + wire

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  • finding connectors for 10 gauge + wire

    i have been to radio shack and radio and they dont have connectors for large gauge wire. does anyone know where i can get the spade connectors and the the plastic ones used for pc's for large gauge wire.

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      Originally posted by Redian
      they are hard to find. check pepboys and such. i went to a pepboys for the first time today in my life. i just figured they were like autozone and such. WOW. it was a ricers paradise!!! but they had lots of connecters and such.


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        Like 3g_Jester, I recommend AutoZone. They tend to have all kinds of stuff in there. If you're you're looking for a chrome skull to replace your stick shift with, they'll probably have one.....

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          look in your phone book for a maintenance supply place, every town has one. it's where your high scholl janitor goes for parts... grainger is a chain of them.
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            your town (provided it's of at least a decent size) will have an electronics parts store. The place where electricians go for their stuff.

            go there and tell them what you need.
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              Yup, auto parts stores or real electronics stores. Radio Shack definitely doesn't count as an 'electronics components store' anymore.