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Will this work with an adapter?

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  • Will this work with an adapter?


    I have a 97 Lexus SC 300 and I would like to install a carputer. I have looked all throughout this forum and feel I have gethered enough information to get started. However I just want to make sure I understand everything in terms of hooking everything up since I do not have much experience with car audio.

    My car has an external amp and I found an adapter (

    I looked at this thread and by that I assume I can use ppgt94's 1st diagram to connect to the speakers with the RCA cables that come with the adapter.

    Now I am a little fuzzy on the rest:

    Lets say I am going to use the Opus 120W. My understanding:

    Run lead from battery to Opus (yellow: power (+)). Tie off yellow on adapter (not used)
    Connect black wire from adapter to Opus (black: ground)
    Connect red wire from adapter to Opus (red: ignition)
    Connect Blue/White wire from adapter to Opus (blue: remote turn-on)
    Tie off the rest of the adapter wires (not used)

    Is this correct or am I not understanding everything right? Please help me out.

    Thank you very much.

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    NICE FIND!!! i want one of those for my car.

    the only wires you need are the speaker wires and the remote turn on wire.


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      pin 1- hook up to remote on terminal on amp (if psu doesnt have anti thump feature)

      pin 2- Optional?
      pin3 - connect to ign terminal on psu
      pin4- Optional?
      pin5- No use
      pin6- hook up to amp
      pin7- hook up to amp
      pin8- no use
      pin9- N/A
      pin10- no use
      pin11- no use
      pin12- no use
      pin13- no use
      pin14- hook up to amp
      pin15- hook up to amp

      optional means you dont need it to run the carputer but you might be able to think of something creative to do with it.

      no use means there is most likely no use for wire just put electrical tape on the end and shove it in your car.


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        Rublex, you are correct, but you should ground your OPUS elsewhere. The amount of current going through your 12v Positive wire is the same that will be going though your Ground wire. The ground wire in your adapter is probably too small for the task.

        You should be running a heavy positive wire to the OPUS directly from the battery. You should also be running the same size wire for your ground. This should be connected directly to the car's chassis with as short of wire as possible.

        The only wires you will be using in that adapter are the audio lines (RCA) and the remote turn on wire for the external amplifier. Because you are only using just a few wires, and you have the pinout, you might decide to just tap into the wires you need without buying a $30 adapter.
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          Thanks for your help guys. I am going to order the PC in the coming week hopefully and see if I can get it going.

          I have already purchased the adapter on eBay for $13 so I think it is worth it if I ever go back to original head unit, I did not want to cut it off or mess with tapping into wires.

          I'll let you know how it turns out.