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Question about Renault megane cd changer

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  • Question about Renault megane cd changer

    hi every body
    first i am sorry about my bad english
    i ask about if i can conect my cd changer to my carpc and what part use
    and control soud from my carpc or my cd changer device

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    Why do you want to connect your CD changer to the PC ? I speak french also if you do?


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      hi kevinlekiller
      i want to connect my cd changer device because i don't want to put my carpc screen in its place but i am searching for another place for my screen
      so iwant to connect my cd changer to carpc because i want to keep it in its place
      for this iwant to know how to do this work and what parts i need
      i want to ask you another Question
      can i wire the speakers (the orginal in car) into my car computer and play music on thier
      thanks alot


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        By CD changer, you mean a CD player ; Example: Click me

        And not a CD changer , example : Click me

        To connect , you need to see if the head unit as a input , this can be a CD changer Input or a RCA female connector input.

        If its a CD changer connector input you need something like this :

        You have a Renault , so Im not sure what brand of head unit Renault uses (stock) , it might be some brand that you cant find a cable , in that case you need to buy a new head unit with aux input ( rca female connectors ).

        If you have Rca female connectors on the head unit , then you just connect that to the pc , with 2x male RCA to 3.5mm stereo connector.


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          Also , you can use an amp , then the PC connect to the amp , the PC acts as a preamp(instead of the head unit). This way , its easier to place the screen.


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            question megane cd changer

            i bought original cd changer megane but i haven't cable for connect to radio
            cd changer have 15 pin and pin layout

            1-8-9-11-12-13 GND
            14 NC
            15 Batt
            6 Acc
            2 Rxd
            3 Txd
            4 Radio
            5 Power
            7 IR-out
            10 D-out

            please help me how can connect changer to radio ?

            thank you
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              Hi. Does any know where I can get the same lead as what is needed in the previous post? Or know what make it is? Cheers