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Toyota Corolla 2004 Project

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  • Toyota Corolla 2004 Project

    Hi there, first of all i want to say that speak english very badly. So sory.

    My project will be:
    P4 3.2 HT
    2 GB DDR PC3200
    1 HD 80GB IDE and 1 120GB SATA(2nd - future)
    nVidia FX-5200 128MB
    sound onboard (MO Asus P4P800) (future: PCI AUDIGY2 ZS)
    one lcd 7" touch screen(mp3store) and 1 15" lcd(future)
    any case with 450w
    power inverter with 800w (future: + one computer)

    mouse+keyboard wireless
    bluetooth (cell integration)(future)
    multi card-reader(future)
    rear camera (in 2nd pc)
    OBDII ( in 2nd pc) (future)
    parking senor (F+R) (future)
    WLAN (future)
    Remote Control(future)
    TV/FM Reception(future)
    Biometrics Reader(future)

    I am planning to install the 1st pc under the passanger seat. And put some protection. The 2nd under the driver seat.

    For the sound, I will upgrade later... so that can ben 5.1 system.

    I am planing to install the 7" lcd in to the original spot(place). Like i had seen in the show off project. The 15" i will install in the glove compartment with some articulated system.

    I am think to install the lcd screen for the 2nd pc aboce the regular painel (Fuel, MPH or KMPH, RPM,etc) with some kind of customization dashboard, so that i can see with odb the car's info on this screen and the rear camera too.

    the 1st pc i will use to the basics stuff (mp3,dvd, movies, radio, tv, gps, etc)
    the 2nd for the car's info.

    I forgot to mention that i already have a dvd reader, i want to know if i can use with the 1st pc? I mean, it's a car dvd, is it compatible?

    Please comment.

    Andre Rocha