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Connecting an mp3 player through a cd-c (din connector) port?

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  • Connecting an mp3 player through a cd-c (din connector) port?

    Hello all. I recently purchased creative zen vision:m mp3 player, and was trying to figure out a way to listen to my music through my car stereo while avoiding fm modulation. I am working on a stock Chrysler sebring stereo that has a cd/cd-c button on the front, and an (8 pin) din connector on the back of the unit. I purchased two cables online, one 5pin din to 4 RCA jacks, and one red/white (audio) RCA jack to 3.5mm headphone jack, to plug into my mp3 player. I have tried this setup, and my stereo will not play the mp3 player through the speakers, even after pushing the 'cd/cd-c' button on the face of the unit. There is, however, a ding each time I connect the mp3 player, so I assume that the car is recognizing a connection between the two. I have looked on the internet, and the only thing I've seen is a cd-c interface that costs upwards of 75$. Is there any way I can connect my mp3 player to my car speakers with the cables I have, or is an interface necessary to bridge the gap between the two? I don't care if the display on my car works, because I can just use my mp3 player to control the songs. However, I'd love to be able to use it in my car. Any insight on this situation?

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    You're probably going to need the interface to make the CD changer port recognize a standard AUX input.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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        any off the wall suggestions? i am willing to try absolutely anything at this point.

        (also, i have two of the RCA jacks unplugged (black/yellow), would this make any difference?)



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          Um, it sounds like you're using an audio cable for a soundcard. That will not work with the connection you're trying to use, no way.

          You need an adapter that will emulate a CD Changer to 'trick' the headunit into thinking the CD is playing, then feed it whatever audio you want. Unless you can find some sort of 'hack' to do that, there's no way beyond an adapter.


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            Thanks for the input everyone. Obviously, I'm quite new to anything about car audio, so I didn't really understand why it wouldn't work at first. thanks again!