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iPod cabling question (KCE-422i)

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  • iPod cabling question (KCE-422i)

    This is really a newbie question:

    I found this KCE-422i and it looks very nice. My question is, after you connect this to the headunit, where do you put the iPod? If I still want to have iPod outside of the console, so that I can plug/unplug freely, how to run the cable? Cuz I always think once you install the headunit, there will be no space for the cable to run out of the console...


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    Find a hole or a gap to run the wire outside of the console. It's not that difficult. It doesn't come directly out the front of the dash. Run it down to an empty pocket or down under the dash near the carpet. There're plenty of places.

    Are you thinking that the only way that works is to have the iPod in the dash or something?


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      hehe, thanks Jahntassa. I just did not understand how to run the wire/cable if the port is in the rear of HU. Now I know.



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        I just purchased the Alpine CDA 9857 about two months ago and I just ran the wire behind the dash and into the glove department. I keep my ipod nano in there and don't have to bother with it. Attaching it to the dash is kinda pointless because once you plug in the cable, you can't control the ipod anymore (An "Alpine" screen appears)