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  • About to install Mac Mini...

    I'm about to dive into the world of having a car computer, but I'd really like to know a few things before I spend the money. I have a Pioneer AVIC-D1 navigation system in my car, and I plan on hooking the Mini up to the A/V port. I already have a DVI > Composite and 3.5mm > RCA adapters, so I don't need anything else for that part (right?). The tricky part is getting this thing connected to my battery. After browsing the forums, I found that the weapon of choice is the CNX-P1900. I'm not at ALL experienced with car electronics, and after looking at the installation diagram on their website, it looks pretty darn confusing. Is it necessarily easy to do, or should I just have somebody else professionally install it at a car audio shop? Also, my next concern is about booting up the Mini. The P1900 is supposedly able to keep the Mini in sleep mode when the car is off instead of completely shutting it off when my car is off. Is this dangerous? Doesn't it still take some power to leave it in sleep mode, and wouldn't that drain my car's battery when it sits in the garage? Also, how long does it take for the Mini to boot up out of sleep mode? I'd like to be able to access my music fairly quickly when I start my car, and if possibly have it constantly stay in Front Row. Does sleep mode close Front Row and make me open it again when I wake it up?

    Whew, that's a lot of questions, but hopefully somebody can help me answer these. I'd really appreciate it... Thanks!!