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I'm new w/ a F150 w/ lots of room!

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  • I'm new w/ a F150 w/ lots of room!

    Hi all. I'm new to the whole carputer world. I was sitting in my truck one day, looking at all the open space and thought " a car pc would be cool in here."

    So, in researching my future truckputer I came across this amazing forum. I've been reading for a couple days now and I already feel like I've learned a lot.

    Now, I have a 01 Ford F-150 extended cab p/u with a 2 DIN radio space. I was thinking about putting a touch screen in the DIN location with a new aftermarket head unit.

    I am on a little bit of a budget so I would like to use a lot of the computer components that I already have. I have a full HP desktop that is just sitting around. It was my wife's and I'm not even sure what it has for guts. I know it's a P4 with 512mb ram.

    I also have a 2002 Toshiba laptop that is definitely acting its age (old).

    My questions are as follows:
    Would it be wise to just buy a docking station for my laptop? I would need to buy a new battery too. Would it be possible to make it a little faster if I stripped down the programs and was only running carputer software?

    Also, is it possible to just buy a retractable touch screen for a DIN? Or all are the retractable screens only in DVD playing head end units?

    I am thinking about putting monitors in my headrests. Can I run just video to them (ex: dvd/visualizer) or would the carputer software show up to?

    I will most likely have a million more questions. Again, this is my first try at anything like this. I'll put up a couple pictures of my truck soon.

    Thanks already for the help!