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  • Stock stereo/FM transmitter

    hi all, I am totally new to the forum and to the world of... well, basically I looked through some threads and quickly realized that even the Newbie FAQ's are a little too advanced for me.
    I also noticed that some "experts" here get very unhappy when people ask simple ("stupid") quesions and/or ask to be "spoonfed", so if you are one of those pros - please keep your mean comments to yourself.

    Everyone else - I would greatly appreciate your help - this is probably "2+2" for most -

    I have a 1999 Acura CL 3.0 with a stock Bose stereo.
    I got a Garmin nuvi 350 for my car. It has an MP3 player and I want to connect the GPS to my car stereo so I can listen through the car speakers.
    So far, I've been told that my only option is an FM transmitter, which absolutely and totally sucks, living in the city - the static is unbearable.

    How can I hardwire??? (without having to buy a new stereo)

    As a follow-up question, but still very important - where can I find info on how to take apart my car for such an installation ?

    PS. Sorry if this was posted somewhere already. Please send a link or at least give me a hint on which posts to look through...

    phew. long post. will be waiting for your help

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    There are many AUX adapters available for your car. Search on ebay or google.
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      I thought my stereo doesn't have an Aux input ...?


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        ...ohhhhh... I get it.
        alrighty then
        now if I can only get my stereo out with this crowbar.........


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          Are you sure you would be getting that bad result with an FM Transmitter? I got one for my car computer and it's working like a charm. It's an iRiver.

          Basicly, just find an unused FM band signal and once the transmitter receive some audio, it will automaticly take over the selected band and nothing else but what's coming out of the transmitter will be played on your radio.

          Only other choice would be to completly change your radio for one that as an AUX output to be able to plug directly in it.

          On how to remove the current radio you have, you might whant to contact the radio maker or your car company to see if they would have any such info. Or seek out for Haynes car books if you can find them and if one exist for your car. While I can't say 100% sure if that serie of books says how to remove the radio system.
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            Originally posted by deathguy
            Basicly, just find an unused FM band signal and once the transmitter receive some audio, it will automaticly take over the selected band and nothing else but what's coming out of the transmitter will be played on your radio.
            I think that's his problem. He lives in a big city I guess, and they're aren't any free bands that are far enough away from other in-use bands.
            Along the same lines as FM modulators, they make hardwired ones that plug into the antenna slot of your radio. That way when you tune in to the channel, it just plays whatever the input is. I think they sell them everywhere even Circuit City ( )!

            Another option, is the aux adaptor that jbor mentioned. If there are inputs behind your radio or even a plug for an external cd changer there will be some adaptors available. Might have to order them from eBay or your car manufacturer but you will probably be able to find it.

            One last, slightly frowned upon way would be to get a splitter for your amp. If you have one that is accessable that is. Split the input into 2 so the 2 sources feed into a single amplifier input and essentially join. THe problem with this is that if the other line is off, you will probably get some noise on the line. Also people seem to frown upon this, but it works if you are careful and cheap!
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              Thank you all so much for your input!

              Firstly, I am a "she" which explains many things (doesn't it)?
              Secondly, I went on ebay and bought a "car2aux" aux adapter for my stereo for $40 (
              Thirdly, I got instructions on how to take apart my car and take out my stereo from here:

              I heard about the option of hardwiring directly to the antenna, but I think the stereo must have an input for that, which mine I think doesn't. I am too lazy to research more.

              I live in Chicago and there are NO unused radio stations. The ones that are not in use are between two strong ones which causes a lot of static on that channel.

              I'll let you know how this all goes...

              PS. I like the puking emoticon...!
              PPS. The knowledgeable staff at Circuit City (where I got my Belkin FM transmitter, and where I will be returning it) said that as far as what they carry the FM transmitter is my only option. They didn't mention the possibility of hardwiring to the antenna.


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                I had a similar problem with my setup. My aftermarket player was no good because the powered antenna from the car wasn't compatible with that stereo. My stock stereo didn't have an aux input.

                I used the FM transmitter and yes, it was horrible but you can hard wire an FM modulator. It basically blankets any other station so if you want radio you need to turn it off. But it works well and best of all you don't have to buy batteries every other day. Good luck.

                Just checked out what you bought, looks better than the modulator. I couldn't do it because they don't have my car make.


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                  Its been my experience that most fm transmitters and even the FM modulator that I tried sounded like crap. The transmitters are good if you're out in the middle of nowhere (like Iraq), but the moment you go near a power line or near any large structure it would go crazy with static. The FM modulator was not much better at all. Its a stronger signal but it seemed like other signals would still find their way through. seems to have just about any aux input adapter for any stereo. And if not, try with your stereo type and it might give you some leads.
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                    why doesnt she just get one of those oldschool 1/4 inch stero jack to cassette tape things... i used one of those for awhile... better than fm
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                      Just to defend myself, I live in DC and no problems with the FM modulator. Aside from being analog. But in my case thats all I could do.


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                        Initially tried using a FM transmitter. No problems when powered by batteries. However powering it via the car charger gave me too much engine whine.

                        Easier to for me to just get an HU with AUX in, than to filter the DC input from the car. Which is what I did.

                        I live in a big town / small city of population around 1.3 million.

                        And I have a Targus FM transmitter for sale.