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2006 Impreza Install

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  • 2006 Impreza Install

    Hey, first post, and 2 days ago I bought this:

    a 2.0R Impreza, whos insides look like this:

    and its now the love of my life. So now it "needs" a computer.
    I have never put a PC in a car before, anyone have any experience with late model impreza's? Are they easy to take apart/put back together?

    Also, any advice on which touchscreen to use would be good, i'm looking to use a single din fold out style one.


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    check out my install thread as well as the tear install thread.

    and get the metroniks subaru lcd kit, it has a veyr good screen in it and is bolt on into the double din slots
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      yeah, i've read your thread, great job. I've been planning this for months, and i'd rather use the single din fold out layout, such as the liliput one, its had an amp in it so i wouldnt need another. Also i'm trying to leave the origional head unit in it aswell, so i dont always have to use my touchscreen


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        been trolling around looking for small package mobo's and jsut found this:
        how well with 520 mhz work with XPE?