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New CarPC attached to my Pioneer 5700In Dash DVD

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  • New CarPC attached to my Pioneer 5700In Dash DVD

    I have a Pioneer In Dash 5700DVD with 7" touch screen. I want to install a car PC and was wondering if I can connect the new CarPC to the 5700DVD only to use the screen itself?

    My proposed specs are:

    Ampie w/M1 Power Supply
    Via Epia M10000
    1GB DDR
    60GB 5400 Harddrive
    Teac DVD/CDRW
    USB GPS Receiver

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    yes its possible...but will i tell you how? no.. look up at the 3rd button from the right its the (search) button...use it...this has been covered a million times before. use the term vga vs. composite
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      more specifically:

      It's been covered so many times it's made it into that thread.
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