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2000 dodge intrepid w/infinity sound

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  • 2000 dodge intrepid w/infinity sound

    I have a 2000 dodge intrepid w/infinity sound and im very interested in getting started with my carputer but i have some questions. I want to get ride of my stock stereo and put in a touch vga screen. i have subs connect through the back speacker wires to a modualtor to my amp. i was wondering if i can put in a carputer, put in a touchscreen, how do i get fm radio to my car speakers. i already have a stock amp for all the speakers in the car and a sony amp 450 watts in the truck for subs. i basically want a computer to play MP3s instead of cds (thos god awfully things) but i also want GPS NAV, DVD playback, and FM radio..... if this has made any sense to you please help me out.

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    Here are 2 links that will save you from getting flamed straight out of this forum.

    Use them, live them, make them your own.


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      Jan Bennett
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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!