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    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to say that I've been lurking here for a few weeks now and just decieded to register. I'm going to be starting a Carputer project in the next few weeks and will probably be looking for advice and help on what to get and what to do. I WILL be using the search feature a lot and I will also be asking questions a lot. So with that being said, motherboard VIA M10000 or MII10000? Which one is better to use in a carputer(mp3, video?, satellite radio, maybe navigation)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    get whichever one has the ports and whatnot that you plan on using

    u can ask everyone what they did with their computers, and everyone will say differently

    it all depends what u wanna do, so if ur not sure what u want to do, what could we tell u?


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      for a few bucks more i went with the MII12000. had all the ports i needed(pcmcia included) and also has a little bit more processing power then the 10000's. i wanted to be able to run what i wanted to run without any real slow downs.

      welcome to the boards. if you havent read through them yet, stop by the FAQ sections, youll find alot of helpful information there. alot of what you want/need to know is also found there. good luck with your project.
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        Thanks for the reply yrean. I will be doing my research for this project and will be using the FAQs quite a bit. Thanks again!