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    Hello, first off... I'm new to these forum's so I hope this is the correct place to post this. Now to my topic. I'm looking to install a car computer in my 1968 buick skylark custom. I have the computer, spec's as followed. amd xp 2600+ @ 2.2ghz, geforce fx 5200 128mb, asus A7v8x-x mobo, and a 120 gb maxtor drive. First off... my first worry was power consumption, I have ac in the my car but as most people with classic (non fuel injected car's know) when starting you need to shut off all the item's that require power such as the ac. I think the alternator has a DC plug which was plugged into the old radio. I'm also looking to install speakers, sub's and an amp. What kind of adapters would you need to plug all that into the computer sound car and would the onboard souncard be sufficient for like 4 speakers max? (will most likely go with 2 good quality though)

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    Start reading here:

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