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Where to put CarPC and Older Cars???

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  • Where to put CarPC and Older Cars???

    hey guys
    just askin a few questions
    I'm thinking of building my carPC into the space where i keep my spare tyre, do you think this is a good idea? and how would i keep it cool?

    also have many people had much success building carPC's into older cars, my car is from 1988 so i dont wanna start building until im absolutely certain that it will work

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    Streetdeck puts 'em to see more:

    2005 Ford Focus ST


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      why wouldnt it work

      ur car has a battery? and an alternator?

      then it will work

      edit: k, i realize this isnt really helpful, lol

      it'll work with any car as long as you can get power to the unit, getting sound out of it might be a different story, theres a lot of options you can take, if ur car has a cassette adapter u can use the audio out from mobo, and the adapter

      or, lose any headunit u have, and just use a 3.5mm out to rca cable straight from the comp to an amp system

      so, it doesnt matter what car, hell, people put computers on boats/motorcycles, whatever

      hell, u could build it on a mountain bike if u had a battery for it


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        lol, thanks for the help guys... that gives me an idea... build one on my mountain bike :P


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          before you delve into this, I think you need to better understand what all is involved. If you did understand that already, you wouldn't have asked this question. That's why I'm posting that link.
          Jan Bennett
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          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!