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  • Brought new CarPC

    Intel Pentium P4 2.4 CPU, 1 Gig of PC3200 DDR 400 RAM, 40 Gig Maxtor 2.5" 7200 rpm Harddrive, slim DVD Rom inside the XENARC MP-SC8 Mini PC.

    Am i good to go?

    The reason why i ask is because this is my first carputer, and so far i think im on the right track, just wanted to ask the experts...Thank You!

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    Good to go where?

    And stop double posting!

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      im sorry?? lol chill bro i didnt mean to double post, i mistakely press submit twice...


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        A couple places to start:

        Newbie FAQ:

        FAQ Emporium:
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          lol..we need a smilie in a flame suit
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            kinda like that?

            so basically do you have a psu? a screen, etc? those are the basics that seperate regular desktops from carpc's.
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              Originally posted by seanz0rz
              [IMG]so basically do you have a psu? a screen, etc? those are the basics that seperate regular desktops from carpc's.

              i have etc!

              good, then i AM ready


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                im sorry guys, i didnt mean to start a flame thread. I saw many people start i have blah blah i have everything? Thats the only reason why i asked....


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                  looks like u have the basics.., but do u have a PSU?


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                    Yes, thats the thing im stuck at. I didnt want to purchase it until i didnt finish uploading all the softwares on the carputer first. I dont even know which one to purchase. I looked at a thread here and calculated that i would need 70w PSU (from the CPU). But i got confused because i dont know if the other parts that i would hook up to it (i.e sound card), would take more power.


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                      EVERYTHING hooked up to the mobo, or usb will draw power (watts)

                      find the total wattage your system needs, and get a power supply that can handle that much (personally, if my system needed say, 120watts, i'd go for a 160watt power supply, even though they have 120watt supplies, just for future additions if i ever need them, then no need to buy another supply :T)

                      but if ur cpu/mobo only need 70watts, ur gonna be hard pressed to need anymore than a 160w at best, even with multiple USB things, the hard drive and screen