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What to do about security?

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  • What to do about security?

    Just wondering what you guys do in terms of security for all the expensive gear we're putting into our cars. I know that most have an alarm but do any of you have things that conceal the screen or do you chain your computers at all? What do you guys do to deter thieves?

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    Hide it and do not show off to random people.

    I had some punks steal my wallet, but left all the computer gear (it was not visable).
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      I agree with truckin. Hide everything. All my components are installed under the rear seat and spare tire area. The only visible piece is the 7" xenarc in the dash.

      What I did to hide the Xenarc is mold very tiny magnets just under the surface of the bondo. I then cut a piece of ABS plastic to the shape of my Xenarc/dash area and bonded magnets to the back side. This acts as a magnetic cover for the screen and it looks almost stock. I mean almost stock becuase it appears I have a big plastic area of nothing which is not stock.

      So with everything hidden and an ABS plastic cover for the diplay you can't even tell the car has been modified.

      I also have tinted windows which makes it a bit mroe difficult to see in at night. (you can't see anything anyways becuase my stuff is hidden).

      I also have an alarm and park the car in a garage. When in a ghetto, try to park in well lit areas


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        make it look oem and make sure you add coverage for it on your insurance plan. be smart, turn down your radio when your around your house/appt. dont go into a mall parking lot with the bass bumping, don't be a show off
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          ergman, good idea on the magnets. I had a similar plan, I wanted a pullout/flip down panel to hide the screen but I think I'll go with magnets instead.


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            Mine has separate insurance, for higher value... so i will make profit if somebody chooges to nick it... so i have tried to my best to make process as painless as it could be... its very easy to take away... so potential thieves wont have to harm car in process...


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              I had some punks break into my RX7. They used a screw driver on the passenger door handle.

              I went from this:

              to this:

              Now I have a Compustar CM3000 with a two way remote. It's going to be in the garage always too.
              I am going to shave the door handles and get door poppers. This eliminates the ability to pry off the door handle or slim jim the door.
              In addition to all of this I have been looking into getting Ace Security Laminates to make my windows shatterproof.


              Ace Security Laminates are pretty expensive but if you did a group buy with about 8 cars it would be less than $100 per car, a truck would need more.


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                Damn, ****es me off just lookin at that. How far away or how long was the car sitting before this happened?


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                  It was sitting in my driveway about 50 feet from my bedroom window. I heard a metallic pop that night but I ignored it because I figured it was one of my neighbors. I don't go out for every little sound you know? But had I gone out I am sure I would've caught the bastages.


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                    at my house i plan on putting in a security cam by my car, with motion activated lights, if someone breaks into my car, good for them, but like hell they're getting away with it


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                      those security windows look kick ***, i would pay to see the robers face when his bat didnt break the window lol