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Car PC install newb install question....

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  • Car PC install newb install question....

    so ok, I have a noob question...I have been looking around for that last couple hours now on CarPCs and Power Supplys for information on how to power it....I am thinking of either getting one of these 2 Mini PCs


    ok, so it looks like both of them come with power I use a power inverter to power it? But from the reasearch that I did, looks like I can get feedback (buzzing, popping, huming) if i used do I take out the power supply and just use M1-ATX? But how would i know that the motherboard will work with it? can anyone anwer this questions?

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    Take a deep breath. Don't buy anything yet.
    Start reading here:
    Then do some more reading here:

    Then, if you're still fuzzy about the whole power supply issue, read this:

    One key to choosing a DC-DC PSU is whether the motherboard is truly ATX-compliant. A lot of miniPCs like you linked to are not. The M1ATX is for ATX-compliant boards only. There are other PSUs like the Carnetix that would work with non-ATX setups.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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