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complete newbie: should be simple enough -- auxiliary line to factory radio

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  • complete newbie: should be simple enough -- auxiliary line to factory radio

    hi everyone!
    i'm interested in adding an auxiliary line for my iAudio X5 MP3 Player to my '93 Dodge Caravan, factory radio, no cassette player, no cd player. i've gotten as far as unscrewing the radio from the dash, and looked in the back and found two removable plugs.

    i guess my first question is how do i go about figuring out which wires go to which speakers?
    and what do i do after that?

    i'm also concerned with the dangers of burning something out due to impedance or something. as much info as you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    where do i get started?

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    wheres that search button??


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      i looked -- unfortunately i'm not experienced enough to take the details of other models and apply them to my own.

      plus i haven't yet seen a thread that doesn't explain the finer points of adding a line if you don't have a cd player or tape deck.


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        try searching google or something for the model of your radio or just look for aftermarket parts. Im sure someone will have them ur car isnt that old. They have tons of stuff for my dads 1986 bmw.


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          my radio model is a Chrysler 5269411. Googling it comes up with nothing but ads for used car parts and stuff.

          Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

          What I had hoped would be something like this:

          If i can figure out which pins are for which speakers, i may be able to follow the rest of the instructions. any ideas?


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            You do realize that these forums have a primary focus of installing computers into vehicles....
            You're more likely to get a quicker result on a forum devoted to your specific make and/or model of vehicle or a generalized car audio forum....
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

            Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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              Use FM modulator. Or penny up and buy a decent head unit with aux inputs.
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                ya, like balconio said. it doesnt even have to be "decent"... just make sure it has aux imputs so you can easily just hook it up through the front. then, you will have a CD player, and be able to play your mp3s...