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Too good to be true? Pioneer AVIC-Z1

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  • Too good to be true? Pioneer AVIC-Z1

    I'm already set on putting a computer in my 99 Mustang, but the wife wants something that looks and acts mostly factory in her 05 Escape. We've been looking at the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 on ebay and I noticed that there are several one day auctions selling them for around $200 coming from Europe or China. Since the MSRP is $2250, I'm really skeptical about the auctions. Anyone have any experience buying one of these units for $200 or is it too good to be true and there is a scam artist on the other end of the deal?


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    usually if its too good to be true. it almost always is. unless they fell off the back of a truck. being that its an out of the country sale id stay clear. since its only 200 bucks you can take a chance, but be prepared to never see that 200 again or the merchandise.
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      for something like that

      personally i'd stay away from ebay, even if it was suggested price, ebay gets you NOTHING in way of customer service from repair centres and manufacturers (generally), so if it ever breaks down, ur screwed

      i'd get it from a reputable store, that way, u can get help if you need it

      (and no, i dont work for any stores, lol, used to work in a repair shop, and we couldnt fix anything under warranty from ebay, sony/jvc/rca/hitachi/philips/samsung.., you name it, they all require a valid receipt showing date and model # to be able to be repaired under warranty)

      just something to think about, so even if you pay 2250 for it from ebay, if it breaks down, u'll be shelling out more money for it


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        ebay = the debbil
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