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mp3player instead of stacker (alpine M-bus)

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  • mp3player instead of stacker (alpine M-bus)

    Hey, had a search but cant find the answers i need...

    What im tyring to do is use a mp3 player instead of a CD stacker on my headunit.
    The changer uses the Alpine M-Bus to get the output the sound to the headunit...

    What i wanna do is find an adaptor to plug an mp3 player (using the 3.5mm headphone jack) straight into my headunit so itd be a 3.5mm headphone to M-bus adaptor. Is there anything out there to help me do this? Has anyone done this?

    Any help or ideas or whatever is appreciated, thanks

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    Yes theres something to help u out... and its king

    With "AUX in adapter" and <insert ur headunit model here>