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  • FM modulator help

    I searched previous posts and couldn't find what I was looking for. I installed this inline modulator:
    in my 1998 Honda Goldwing motorsickle. Using my MP3 player the sound is pretty good (for a bike stereo and the helmet headset), but if I use the factory stereo, FM stations come in weaker and AM is nonexistant (yes, I listen to AM for weather and ballgames). FM isn't a big deal since my MP3 player has an FM tuner, but not having AM may be a little tough to deal with. All my electrical connections are secure (I have a separate fused/ relayed power plate and grounding block for all my gadgets) and the antenna connectors are pushed in all the way (bike stereo antenna looks like a standard type plug and not powered). Anyone hear of this problem? I posted this question on another Goldwing board so hopefully someone can figure this out. Thanks.

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    Does that wired FM modulator have a power connection? Is it switched?

    If it does not have a switch, add one. The interfearance should be greatly reduced if not completly gone.
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

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      It's switched. When it's off, the stock radio FM signals are weak, no AM at all. When it's on (for the MP3 player), nothing comes in at all. I really can't figure out why when the modulator is off stock stereo reception is degraded. Here's a better pic of the modulator (click on pic for larger view).


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        This is a semi common problem with fm modulators. It ussually is due to the unit being defective in some way. What type of car do you have, did you need antenna adapters? From my experience poorly soldered antenna ends is the most common cause for this. For the most part scosche makes good stuff, but i have had MANY problems with there antenna adapters being defective.

        Double check the antenna input (female plug on fm mod), with it off, wiggle it. See if the reception fades in and out. If you have antenna adapters, those could be a problem as well.
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          No adapters, and this is on a Goldwing motorcycle with OEM stereo. I've tried the wiggle method with all the connectors and nothing changed. I may try a non-wired FM transmitting modulator- I hooked up my wife's Irock unit and it sounds good, but it takes up the only cig socket which is currently used by my GPS- WAAAYYY too many gadgets on the bike....

          EDIT: looks like I may have it figured out. While the radio was powered I slowly pulled the antenna plug halfway out and it pulled in stations clearly, pushed it back in all the way and nothing. So it looks like the female end of the FM modulator MAY be bad, but I'm going to check the grounding of the stock bike antenna.