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    I had my streetdeck installed by a car audio store about 6 months ago. They had never done a streetdeck but took it on with manuals printed from the forums. After a few minor glitches that were worked out over the phone with tech support at MP3car, my streetdeck had been working fine for months now. However, today, I start it up and while booting, it locks with message "verifying dmi pool data". I have done absolutely nothing different (that I know of) other than plugging in a flash drive to one of the USB ports to transfer music in. I have read all of the posts. None seem to pertain exactly to my problem. Please help.


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    I Dont really know anything about streetdeck personally, but i can say that the error you are recieving does not pertain to it.

    the error verifying dmi pool data is one of the following and is caused by your pc itself.

    1.Corrupt boot files on the computer.
    2.Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.
    3.Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue.
    4.Boot devices not set properly.
    5.BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.
    6.Connections loose or disconnected.
    7.Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

    Heres some solutions, I warn you it will be a bit technical. you should be able to do it, but if you dont understand or dont feel comfortable take it back to the shop with these solutions.

    Corrupt boot files on the computer

    If the computer has no bootable files on the drive it is attempting to boot from it is possible that the computer may halt at " verifying dmi pool data...".

    To resolve this issue:

    Boot from a bootable floppy diskette. Ensure that this diskette was made on the same Microsoft Windows operating system that is installed on your computer.
    Once at the A:\> prompt type "sys c:" and press enter. This should report the message "File system transferred". Once transferred remove the diskette and reboot the computer.
    If the computer continues to not boot attempt to re-create the master boot record by booting from the bootable floppy diskette again. Once at the A:\> prompt type "fdisk /mbr" and press enter. This should return you to the prompt without giving you any message. Once at the prompt remove the diskette and reboot the computer.

    Note: The above information only applies to Microsoft Windows users. If you are running a Linux / UNIX variant or other operating system such as OS/2 and the computer is freezing at this DMI message ensure that Linux / UNIX has been properly installed first and/or your boot manger is not corrupt.

    Settings for hard disk drive are not correct

    The computer freezing at "verifying dmi pool data..". may be caused when the hard disk drive settings within CMOS are not set properly. Enter CMOS and verify that the hard disk drive settings are set properly and/or that it is set to Auto Detect.

    Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue

    Verify no floppy diskette or CD is in the computer. In some cases the computer may be trying to boot from either of these drives causing issues with the boot sequence.

    Boot devices not set properly

    The computer stopping at " verifying dmi pool data..." can be caused when the boot devices on your computer are not set properly in CMOS. First, verify that no CD or diskette is in your computer. If a CD or diskette is in the computer attempt to remove this first to determine if it was attempting to boot from it.

    If No CD or diskette is in the computer and your computer still halts at the DMI message enter CMOS and verify that the boot options are set properly. We commonly recommend that the floppy be set the first boot device, hard drive as the second boot device and the CD-ROM as the third boot device.

    BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly

    If none of the above recommendations have resolved your issue attempt to reset the BIOS / CMOS settings to the factory or default settings.

    Connections loose or disconnected

    If the computer has been recently moved or new hardware has been installed in the computer it is possible that a connection may be loose or even disconnected. Verify that the hard disk drive, floppy and CD-ROM cables are properly connected.

    Bad hard disk drive or other bad hardware

    If you computer continues to freeze at the DMI message after attempting all of the above recommendations it is possible that the computer may be freezing because of a bad hard disk drive or other bad hardware in the computer.

    Before replacing any hardware I first recommend you attempt to fdisk, delete the partition, re-create the partition and reinstall your computer operating system.

    Good luck,
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      Cool, thanks for all the info....I'll give it a try.


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        i dont know if that worked for you or not, but you should probably check the pind on the IDE connection on your hdd. if one is bent or broken, it will generate that message. hope that helps if u didnt fix it already.