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diagnostic equipment guide needed!

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  • diagnostic equipment guide needed!

    I have vauxhall astra T Reg 1.8 & was wondering what i could get to diagnose any problems in the future. Also i would interested in the ecu flashing reset the service, tuning etc.

    What sort of equipment would u recommed as i have not got a clue aboout these things? (not too expensive bear in mind) I have lots of euuipment on ebay but do wnat to go for something i i have not a clue about these thing!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    err, ur probably thinking about OBD?

    but anyway, if you have no clue about these things, i'd recommend learning about them before you do anything

    mind you, this isnt a flame, i just dont want to see you flashing the ecu wrong, and having to buy a new one :T