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noob question monitoring temperatures

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  • noob question monitoring temperatures

    I'd like to have a carputer that can monitor the temperatures for my truck such as Exhaust gas, air intake, trasmission, oil, differentials, and the computer itself. I'd also like the info to be displayed on vaccume flourecent displays (VFD's) for a HUD display.
    Anybody done something similar, and could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    It won't be easy, and will require some programing.

    The major problem is that EGT's I do not believe are in the OBD connector, as well as some of the other things you might want to monitor. Do you know if there is an aftermarket interface to you vehicles ECU, such as ECUTek? That might help to see what they can monitor. I would first read through the OBD section of this forum, and go from there.


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      I wouldnt say it was going to be that hard if you are willing to do some work on it.

      Just Looking, I will have to look into that ECUTek, you seem to have mentioned it a few times in other posts

      Basically if your car has ODB-II then you can get some of the interal stuff that would be near impossible to get from DIY sensors and you can feed them to VFD displays easy enough.

      for non-ODBII stuff like exhaust gas and PC temp (obvisouly not ODB) then you can build your own sensors and interfaces (have a google and try phidgets etc etc). Obviously exhasut temps are going to be beyond most thermometers so look into the realms of DIY jet engine people who strap them to go-karts, bikes etc etc. They will be monitoring very hot temps and will more than likely have sensors you can use and probably suitable interfaces.

      you could also possibly use an infra-red thermometer but this may be a bit harder to interface than a simple metal resistance thermometer.


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        jsut thinking for tranny and diff temps you could mount some external sensors onto the hosuings OR if you are brave either:

        1. drill into the housing but you will have to do this with the unit apart due to swarf

        2. take out the drain or fill plugs and drill into them and bond a temp sensor into them but it is going to need some good bonding to prevent leaks so you will have to mushroom it out on the inside like a rivet and use something that is oil resistant. The fill plug easier as it wont lose oil but it might not be in contact with the oil so the drain might be better. This is kind of like an after market HUMS system (health usage and monitoring) as we fit to aircraft.


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          here is a sump plug designed for temp readings for a lotus elise:

          i forogt you can get temp sensors with threaded housings that would just need some sealant and they would be absolutely perfect


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            sorry, thinking of new may not need a PC for the interface at all and may be able to do it standalone by using a temp to LCD/VFD controller that can output the temps directly on the VFD but i guess the beauty of the PC ssytem is you can suctomise it better and also have the VFD flash if the temps go above a certain limit to warn you.


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              Interesting. I wonder if that sump plug will fit my Landy. Could do the engine, gearbox, transfer box, and both axles
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                i am sure you can get em. or they are not hard to make. just find a threaded temp sensor (RS normally do them) and get a spare sump plug and drill it, thread it and then seal it with some instant gasket when you screw the temp sender in. job done.