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    I am going from VGA to S-video in my car. I bought an adapter that has the VGA on one end and S-video plug on the other. Pluged the computer up to my tv screen in the house and the screen is all blurry and flickers like crazy, can't really see anything just alot of lines. So I changed the refresh rate to 60 and it stop some. Now I might be going about this all wrong, and really dont want to spend an extra 160.00 to buy a VGA screen, and my computer is so compact that im not able to add and extra PCI video card, is there any help for me.


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    You can't just use an adapter to go from VGA to SVideo, you need an actual converter.


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      In order to make that work, your video card must be able to set it up. The converter does nothing but make a VGA connector into an Svideo. Try changing the refresh rates, and (its been a while since I did it, and I did it with a nvidia card) something about the sync. The nVidia control panel thing can set that up, but I don't know what your working with to help you.
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        I am running a HP compaq form factor PC here is a link to a similar one except mine do not have the extra slots for PCI cards.


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          That's all well and good.
          You still need a scan converter unless you have TV-out on the PC.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Yeah I know about the whole do the research thing and I appreciate all the advice, I guess I was worried more about how to make frodo player work, and power to the computer, than the video component. My test subject is a 42 inch projector screen T.V. and will finally be able to move the project to the car screen this morning for the final test.