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Can a CDX-M730 pass audio through on the BUS inputs?

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  • Can a CDX-M730 pass audio through on the BUS inputs?

    so i pulled my CDX-M730 out of the dash and hooked RCA cables to the BUS audio inputs, the hooked the other end of the cables (mini-plug) into the headphone jack on my laptop. pretty basic, i know, but i'm new here.

    problem is the BUS jacks are supposed to be for getting audio from a CD changer, and the changer would normally have a data plug in a different port on the back of the stereo. since that isn't the case here, the radio doesn't seem to want to recognize that there is something attached, and won't open the channel when you scroll through the "source" menu.

    anyone know if there is a workaround? some setting on the menu i can flip? some sort of adapter i can plug into the BUS data slot to fake it out?

    thanks for any help in advance.

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    I encountered same problem when trying to DIY-connect to headunit. If u find your answer let me know too...

    If u get tired to DIY approach google for AUX-in adapters, they arent reasonably prized so there is incentive to find solution yourself, but they get job done.