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Need help deciding screen position

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  • Need help deciding screen position


    I've specced out everything I'm going to get to start my project I'm going to run the computer in the glove box cause it's huge and there's more than enough room to handle it. I want to retain a headunit so I can still get radio and pop in the quick cd. I also want a slim slot dvd for movies.

    but I'm, still thinking of screen positions. Here's two options I was thinking of.

    OPTION 1

    OPTION 2

    I like option 1 for the least amount of fabrication but would hate to lose the air vents. I also don't want it too high for the distraction factor and to attract attention (ie police and thiefs).

    I like option 2 but would like your opinons on how I could make it nicer.

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    Might catch a little less glare with option 2, but you'll have to look away from the road completely to use it. Option 1 I think would be the safest, but then again says "steal me, I'm in plain sight".

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      yeah, that's the problem. I was also of thinking of implanting some magnets in the fiberglassing of option 2 so I could fab a panel that covers the entire area. I would blank it out completely with a ABS plastic panel with magents glue to the back. That way when parked it would look like nothing's there at all.