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First Post - Question about Carpc setup

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  • First Post - Question about Carpc setup

    (Server gave an error, now I have write everything again )

    After reading through countless threads I now have *some* idea of what I need to rig up a carpc setup for my 04 Honda Accord but I still have some questions that need clearification. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm planning to ahead with a laptop setup (get a cheap one with broken lcd) and use it with Lilliput lcd. Since I already have USA Spec Hon2 installed, getting audio to my HU shouldn't be a problem.

    Now my questions are
    1. What are the minimun specs do I need in a laptop to do the following
      1. Navigation (MOST important)
      2. Play DVD
      3. Play mp3s
      4. Bluetooth calling
      5. I would like to install USB Dvd in the cubby so that I can change dvds easily. Will regular power supply (from cig lighter) be able to provide enuff juice to run my laptop and external dvd ?
      6. What would be the best place to keep the laptop ? (as under the seat is not recommended)
      7. I don't want to do any modifications to my stock dash, will I still be able to put the LCD on top of the dash ? Are there any windscreen mounts available for lillput LCDs ?

    Please don't start yelling yet a newbie...... help needed
    04 Accord Coupe Carputer

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    First of all, the FAQ Emporium is for answers only. You haven't got answers, only questions. Please be aware of the suborum you're posting in.

    Second of all, there are countless FAQs that address severything , but specs are pretty much up to you.
    I'd suggest starting reading here:

    Then work your way to here:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      04 Accord Coupe Carputer