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    So i got one of the new Nissan Versas and i am trying to find a spot for the LCD, I do not want to take out the stock radio, any ideas?
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    What's the little cubby right above the radio? I have an altima and I know there's some similar space behind my dash (no cool cubby in mine ) and it wouldn't be deep enough, but if yours is you could put a flip up screen here, otherwise I'd say right above the cupholders somehow.


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      The depth of that cubby hole is about the size of a cd case. I was thinking that i could put a fold out there, but it might not be big enough.


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        That sounds about as big as mine would be if there was an actual slot in the dash, but there's no real way to tell until you take it apart.


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          yeah i figured that. Little scared, only had the car for 16 days.


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            Originally posted by landonb16 View Post
            So i got one of the new Nissan Versas and i am trying to find a spot for the LCD, I do not want to take out the stock radio, any ideas?
            This should be its sister model the Renault Megane


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              Mine looks like the 1920 T model compared to this...


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                Three options, really:
                - Get a single-din slideout unit from and put it in the cubby above the radio
                - Get a single-din aftermarket headunit, put it in the cubby above the radio. Put the 7" LCD in the dash where the two-din radio is now.
                - Sacrifice the cupholder area and fabricate the LCD into that section of the console.

                I'd go with the first option for two reasons:
                - If that is a single DIN up there, it makes for an easy install.
                - It makes it easy to put back to "normal" when you are finished with the car.
                - It's not readily apparent that an LCD is in your car. You can tuck it away and it's hard to see what that is. Double bonus if you can keep the cubby cover in tact.

                If you're adventurous, you could go with option 2. Would look the most stock, but would require not using your factory headunit.

                Option 3 is really valid only if you like fabricating and don't care about returning the car to stock form before reselling it.

                My $.02


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                  Ok, super bonus option:
                  - Relocate the AC controls to the cupholder area, and fabricate the LCD into the space where the AC controls were.


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                    I like to add a Legacy LDNTV65U unit to my Versa. Would a standard double din reciever replace the stock unit?

                    Here's a pic of the Legacy.


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                      so its been in for about 2 1/2 months now and its works great.

                      I am going to redue it when it gets warm out, i needed to sand it a little better then i did, but other then that it is great, Thanks guys for all of your help!