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XM "connecting" in StreetDeck

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  • XM "connecting" in StreetDeck

    Good morning. I'm leaving for a trip this afternoon and I've just about finished with my install, but I'm having some issues with my XM receiver. I've got a (here it comes) USB->Serial adaper from Belkin. Whenever I open up XM, my USB chain briefly resets and I hear the windows noises indicating a piece of hardware was removed then insterted. It ends up never working. The existing one has status LEDs and it shows the XM Direct unit sending rapid amounts of data to the computer. Is this normal? I see in one of the threads they talk about the XM Direct unit sending data when its getting a signal, so I guess I'm good here. It just looks like its resetting when I try to access. The reset, of course makes the COM port disappear temporarially, thus making the software (StreetDeck) think its gone.

    I'll be picking up another USB/Serial device later today to see if its something with that unit. You know, maybe it resets when it gets accessed.

    Any ideas? Anyone have similar issues? Oh, and does anyone know what speed the port should be at?

    Kris G.