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fujitsu lifebook p-2040 in 2007 toyota prius - just need good touchscreen?

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  • fujitsu lifebook p-2040 in 2007 toyota prius - just need good touchscreen?

    ok total newbie here with a lot to learn. have checked out the forum for a few days, so i'm just gonna jump right in with my plan and question. i just bought a 2007 toyota prius and needed to keep the price down so skipped the navigation and bluetooth. i have an old but very reliable fijutsu lifebook p-2040 -- one the smallest full-function pc laptops.

    i want to make it my car's carpc and am under the impression i can do so by mounting the lifebook under a front seat and connecting it to a pop-up touchscreen lcd like the XENARC 700IDT, which i would install under the radio as i've seen a couple people online do.

    with a verizon wireless card and navigation software installed in the laptop, i figure i would then have phone (via skype or gizmo project), navigation, mp3's, video, data, email -- and everything else on the laptop and internet
    -- at my fingertips via the touchscreen. sound would be achieved by hooking the laptop into the prius's mp3 jack.

    this strikes me as an inexpensive, solid, relaitively easy way to get a carpc into my prius using a laptop that i already have. the laptop also has a car adaper to get power through the cigarette lighter.

    the question i have regards the lcd touchscreen. does a model like the Xenarc 700IDT actually allow you to control most of the functions of a laptop via touch? or will i need to go the keyboard to do some of what i mentioned above? i'm completely unfamiliar with touchscreens and their capabilities, so advice here would be appreciated.

    so there's my plan. am i being a totally naive newbie or am i heading in an ok direction here?


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    alot of guys claim they never need a keyboard, but there are always times you'll need a keyboard to me, but not on a daily basis if you get everything setup & use a front end... if you get to the point that your pc starts up & runs a completely configured & set up frontend, that will allow touch control for most day to day use...

    I always like to have a keyboard readily & easily acessable, but I like to post, respond to e-mails, & search... alot of things that while can be done with just a touchscreen, will also be a big pain with osk & stuff... tablet edition with a stylus is pretty good.... it depends how your going to use it, but I always have to have mouse & keyboard for myself...

    I use a roller ball at my fingertips in my center console, & a light up keyboard in my sunvisor..., flip it down & type away... after a while you start to feel like an ape typing that way though

    little bluetooth wireless is also a cool option..
    MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

    first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D