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  • Another Newbie with Q's

    Hi, new to all this carputer, plan on getting one in my car ASAP.
    I have an e36 M3 BMW Evo Euro spec. I got a via 800Mhz mini ITX motherboard with 512mb ram, got it running at the moment on a bench just to test running windows 2000, I have been playing with media engine and feal happy with this for my front end. I plan on using a laptop dvd rom and 2.5 hdd as for a monitor I plan on running this from the lighter socket. I don't plan on running this with the engine not running as I will have a large audio install. My question is do I realy need an expensive M1-ATX/M2-ATX or can I use an EPIA-DC80W which is half the price, there is also a few others alot cheaper.
    AS I am in the uk I was going to use this company:

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      I use this:
      MFG's link: