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  • PSP into PC screen

    I just could not find any posts or Google info on modding a PSP into a PC screen. So just asking if some one has any guides or any knowledge on the subject.

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    Though I do love the psp's sweet 16:9 screen, I doubt this project would be very feasible. First of all, the psp is about $200, and even if yours is broken, how do you know the screen still works? Then theres the question of taking a vga signal and converting it to the very tiny ribbon cable, that the psp uses. This would no doubt be a very fragile connection,combined with a with a very fragile and exposed screen. Plus if you think about it, the screen is really tiny, if mounted on the dash. Maybe if you could mount it on the center of the steering wheel it might be ok, but that would be really hard. The psp's resolution is 480 by 272 i think, so it wouldnt be that great for viewing any text. In addition there wouldnt be any touch screen. So in conclusion, if the screen was easier to send an outside signal to, this project might be a little bit feasible, but I wouldnt really suggest it. people have however used old 5" psone screens (about $50 at gamestop), which arent that hard to take a vga signal and convert it to the playstation's one.


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      Doesn't the PSP have a video out? If so, then you have quite a few options, it just depends on your screen (whether it has VGA in or not).


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        there's a way to modify psp to receive video, as soon as I locate the url, I'll post it.
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          The psp does not have video out. To display whats on your psp on a tv, you have to buy a $70 adapter, open the psp, and connect it to the ribbon cable. Not very useful. The psp can't receive video unless its streamed over wifi, which is pretty sweet, but that doesnt help this cause. It also can't do it live, it has to be a completed video file in a folder on your computer. I guess you could do a VNC or remote desktop, which the psp has homebrew for, but its not really worth it


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            thanks for the answers guys. i guess i'l have to buy touch screen.